NH Kids Kit

We’re excited that you’re excited, but registration is not open yet! Check back soon!

What is it?

What is a NH Kids Kit? Glad you asked! We want to bring NH Kids to YOU and your family! In the kit you will find a month’s worth of curriculum and supplies along with devotionals and discussion questions for your family. We believe that parents are the biggest influencer when it comes to the spiritual development of their child! Our desire and vision is to resource parents in such a way that it makes it super-easy (and exciting!) to share God’s Word with your family!

A NH Kids Kit goes right along with the Worship and Bible story we offer each and every Sunday online. Check out our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for the links and more information! Or check out our website.

What's in the kit?

Everything you need to have NH Kids and a great family experience! This kit includes the following:

  • Activity Guide
  • Supplies for the activity
  • Devotion cards
  • Resources for intentional conversations
  • Support from our awesome NH Kids Life Group Leaders should you have any questions!

I want one!

We thought you might! To register for a kit, simply click the button below. These kits are designed to be one per family. Reserve a kit for your family and another one for a friend’s family as well! And did we mention, they are FREE!

When is pick-up?

NH Kids Kits will be mailed directly to your house! Please let us know if you have any questions!